Umm…I used to sleep in a drawer as a baby. I grew up hippie. The first time I traveled past the Mississippi River was to spend 2 months in Turkey. Alone. I picked up dry cleaning for Jennifer Aniston. I slayed fish for two years, while living on a boat. I sailed naked from Hawaii. I’ve nearly ripped a nipple off after declaring a naked sailing day.

I blog about random shit that happens to me in my life. Sometimes it’s funny. Sometimes it’s weird. Sometimes it’s on fire.



9 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi Lauren – it all sounds like an exciting adventure. Lynn and I are looking forward to following your trip. We look forward to the next posting

  2. I too am looking forward to hearing about your adventures and hope that you will take time to come out to Hood River or meet me somewhere for a hike sometime before this month is over!

  3. Rick and I are having a harder time being totally ok with this good bye. We so enjoyed our visit with you that having you really distant again is sad…. However I am so jazzed that you are who you are and that you are on the road again. The road less traveled and time for reflection and experiencing the world from a different point on the globe may truly enhance your life and future!!

    enjoy good food, stay healthy and take pictures!!

    love you,

  4. You are my hero! Following the spirit of life no matter where it takes you. I am loving reading your blog… They leave me anxiously waiting to see “What’s next???” Take care! We all miss you back here in Bluesville.

  5. Hey Parisian drinking friend.
    Awesome blog! Thoroughly deserving of its name. Especially liked the squirrel skinning and seeing that you actually were a fisherwoman in real life.
    If you’re passing through London, give us a shout.
    Enjoy the Dutch weed!
    Erik Craze-o-phile

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