I’m in love

SUP recap:

29 days

17 stand-up Paddleboarding virgins

4 nationalities (American, Swiss, New Zealand, British)

2 dogs

If you know me, have heard of me, or have seen my Instagram and Facebook feeds, you’ll know what I’m talking about. My new love is stand-up paddle boarding. It started last winter when Toni and I were in the Turks and Caicos. We decided to rent paddle boards and just give it a whirl. We’d never tired it at all. But sweet jesus WAS IT FUN. We didn’t fall despite the wind chop and waves and I knew right then and there that I must have one! I had HUGE plans for the spring. Aaaaaand then I broke the living SHIT outta my ankle while in Guam, in March. What followed was about 6 weeks of being house bound, a surgery, a whole lotta metal in my leg, crutches, a peg leg, months of physical therapy, 25 lbs of gained weight, and a complete and total appreciation of those around me.

When I finally got the go ahead from my surgeon that I could continue on with my life, I was so grateful that I decided that paddle boarding would be a gentle and low impact way to get back on my feet (literally). My physical therapist encouraged me to go for it. So, through my friend, Harmony, owner of UrbanOcean, that I knew from my good ole Mexico days, I ordered some gorgeous SUPlove paddle boards.

When I finally got them in the mail, I could barely wait to get on the water. I ripped into the boxes immediately. And my love affair began.


It’s like Christmas!!


My boards’ new home on my mama’s floating home on the Columbia River.


First wobbly try with my bunk ankle.


This is the face my face makes every time I’m out paddling…


My mama, at 64 years young, took to it like a fish to water. A natural!


Moe showing off his skillz


The smiles that I’ve seen taking people out has made this the best part of my summer.






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