It’s Shout Out Time

As you all probably know, I broke the living shit outta my ankle in March while visiting my Aunt in Guam. What followed was a truly terrible string of flights home, including, but not limited to: solo standby flying, 36 hours, 4 airports, many tears, and countless wheelchairs.

IMG_5106 IMG_5111 IMG_5119


Finally home to our famed PDX Carpet.

Once home, my life consisted of bed rest, surgery, pain-killer induced haze, more bed rest and months upon months of limping around and not feeling like my normal self. I lost about 20 pounds of muscle from my leg atrophying.


We called it Zombie Leg

All in all, it was a tough experience. But one I’m grateful for. Why? It reconfirmed my decision to move back to Portland after a decade of absence. Of all the places I’ve lived, I can’t think of a location in which I would have as much support as I did here.

My mama lived with me for the first few weeks after I came back from Guam. She made sure I ate, bathed, took my myriad of pills on time, coordinated visits, put up with my mood swings and basically wins Mom of the Year award.

My dad dropped everything and drove up after my surgery to give my exhausted mama a break. Having your parents tuck you into bed in your 30’s is a rare and surprisingly wonderful feeling that I cherish.

dad lectures

Lectures from Pops on taking care of myself, post-surgery.

And the list goes on.


Heidy flew up from LA for a few days right after my surgery for cooking and cuddles.


Crystal checked on me EVERY DAY in one way or another. She cooked me food, she stood in line at the DMV to get my Handicap placard, she came to my rescue when I went threw withdrawal when I quite painkillers, she was simply always there for me if I needed her.


Jason made and delivered a homemade apple pie (still warm, even!!) to me.


Although my pup allegedly doesn’t read, I’m including her incase she secretly does. Mattie. was always there for a cuddle, never leaving my side. Her health declined as mine did and then subsequently improved as I did. She never left my side.


Simon kept me laughing, took me to the surgeon with Crystal, made people come over to my house for a party when I needed to be social, but was hiding. Altogether a kick ass friend.


This green cock and balls that Simon drew made me laugh for WEEKS. Cuz that’s how long that fucker stayed on my foot!!


My Sister-Of-My-Heart, Miranda, took me on my first outing that was not to a doctor’s appointment. An adventure to Crown Point was just what the doctor ordered.


The SisCuz, Roxy moved into the house shortly after my mom moved back home. And thank god for that. Although I was ok on my own, it was SO hard to take care of myself those first few weeks. Roxy went above and beyond normal Roomie duties. She made sure I ate, kept the house clean, kept my spirits up. Shit, she helped me shower more times than I can count.


I went onto my front porch one day to be greeted by a package. In it was this hand knitted pillow that Kris had made and sent to me. She just thought I needed a pillow to prop my foot on. She was so right.


I hadn’t met my neighbor, Moe, before I flew to Guam. He introduced himself to me as soon as I returned and then proceeded to become a close friend. This 19 year old kid would check on me to make sure I ate every night. If I hadn’t, he would make me food and bring it over. He came over to watch movies and keep me company, tuck me into bed when I could barely make it from room to room and generally make sure I was doing ok.


Sometimes just coming over and hanging out and reading to me was just what the doctor ordered. Toni would bring me food and keep me company more than she really had time for.


This chair saved my life for the first month. It made it so I didn’t have to lay in bed ALL DAY LONG. Zak straight up found it for me when I was desperate and then delivered it to my house, in all of it’s automated, comfy beauty.


Leah cooked me breakfast all by her damned self. Nuff said.

And after all of the above, I KNOW I’m missing so many (the cane sword story gets its own post for instance). That is just a testament to the people I have in my life. THANK YOU ALL.




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