OOOOOOO-EEEEE! A response to Hey Dumbfuck!

So, I posted this brief post about a dude that messaged me on OkCupid and pissed me off. I so delicately named it Hey Dumbfuck!

He ALSO found my last post and commented on it:

“Hi, this is Joel. I didn’t mean any harm by reaching out to you and I apologize for an offense that I have obviously caused. I liked your friend’s picture and I thought that I would take a chance. Sometimes good things can happen from taking a chance. In this case, I find that you write about me online in a negative way. In my own defense, I attempted to be nice about my request and I also am not one of these guys that obviously you don’t like in your “Reflections” blog post (you know the shirtless douchebags that oil themselves up and take selfies in the mirror).

Now that my profile has been posted negatively about online, I’ll take it down and rethink this whole internet dating thing. Feels like getting bit by just trying to put myself out there. Oh well. jb”

I blog. Mostly about things that I find hilarious, offensive, or ridiculous. The email I received on Okcupid from “Joel” fell into that category. Bitching about internet dating isn’t a novel idea. There are entire blogs and websites devoted to it. Ever see Sex in the City? Carrie Bradshaw started a revolution. I just dabble in internet-dating-bitching. In fact, I barely participate anymore in internet dating at all (that shit is EXHAUSTING). For me, it is one of the things I write about and mostly to the small group of readers I have which rotate between my family, friends, and an occasional share from a Facebook pal. They mostly know me and weird sense of humor. And that when I write things like this, it’s with a bit of satire and a cubic-assload of sarcasm.

I reached out to my readers (family, friends, and occasional friends of friends) to get some help in crafting a response. Like it or not.


3 thoughts on “OOOOOOO-EEEEE! A response to Hey Dumbfuck!

  1. Your bit about JB_PDX was probably the most attention he has gotten in years. If half as many people are on his side, as are on yours then he should be stoked.
    There are a lot of words that could be used to describe what kind of person you are. Vindictive, malicious, and hurtful are not them. I know you, and I know that it was all in fun, and in hey look at this ridiculous shit. You are a magnet to the unusual, odd, ridiculous, absurd and unfuckingbelievable. Needless to say if we are drawing lines in the sand and picking teams, this cunt kicking ninja is on your side .

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