Hey Dumbfuck!

As if internet dating isn’t bad enough as it is, tonight I got this message:

Classy as fuck

Classy as fuck

I mean REALLY dude?!?! Cuz every lady likes to hear, ‘Hey, can I have your hot friend’s number?’ I mean, I guess the guy gets credit for having basketball sized balls? Class act, that one.

So I’m taking suggestions on how to write back. What would you write back??


11 thoughts on “Hey Dumbfuck!

  1. when I was on okc that happened more than once….so either I need less hot friends (no way) or I need to find zippier replies to make. I told one of them I asked, she looked at his profile and say HELL NO, so sorry, better luck trolling other profiles. that seemed to work

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  3. Hi, this is Joel. I didn’t mean any harm by reaching out to you and I apologize for an offense that I have obviously caused. I liked your friend’s picture and I thought that I would take a chance. Sometimes good things can happen from taking a chance. In this case, I find that you write about me online in a negative way. In my own defense, I attempted to be nice about my request and I also am not one of these guys that obviously you don’t like in your “Reflections” blog post (you know the shirtless douchebags that oil themselves up and take selfies in the mirror). https://uncontrollableawesomeness.wordpress.com/2011/12/15/reflections-aka-ranting-and-raving/

    Now that my profile has been posted negatively about online, I’ll take it down and rethink this whole internet dating thing. Feels like getting bit by just trying to put myself out there. Oh well. jb

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