Mystery Texter Magnet

So. While I was in England, there was a snafu with Verizon and I ended up having to get a new number. With it, has come endless collection agency calls, horrible auto-dialing telemarketing calls and a few interesting texts. Evidently my number belonged to a dude named Aaron. He seems like a popular guy.

One day, months ago, I get a text from one of Aaron’s buddies. No explanation, just these pics



Now, I’m sure a normal person would respond something like: ‘hey dude, this isn’t Aaron anymore, and that’s a lot of firepower, lose my number.’ Me? of course not. I have to egg him on.

I then begin to respond, pretending that I’m Aaron. I tell him the guns are bitchin.

He sends this:

And then, this:

Woah buddy! Is that a coyote?!?! Yes. Yes it is. He tells me how proud he is of how far away he was when he shot Wile E. Coyote.

See?! Look at that smile! he is one proud dude,
My response was literally the only one of could think of:

He never responded. Weird.


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