Innappropriate Nannying

As my nannying gig comes to an end in less than a month, I’ve taken a look back and realized I might not be the best at this job. I make some…let’s say…interesting decisions as to how to entertain myself and the girls. Some highlights:

I introduced Grace to gangsta life.

Convincing Imogen that "Try and Bite the Nanny's Foot While On the Trampoline" is a legitimate and fun game.

Midget tossing

Feeding the children to inanimate objects

Dressing Imogen as the world's youngest 'Pretty Woman'

Getting Grace addicted to nickel slots...

Teaching Grace the fine art of Planking

Conclusion: If you have children, you might want to think twice about letting me care for them. At the very least, they’ll be subjected to being featured in this sadly meandering blog.



After posting this, I realized this trend might have been going on for a while… a few more from friend’s kids around the world:

Drawing mustaches on my niece and nephews to try to sneak them in bars.

Signing Sofie up to Portland's underground Monkey Fighting Ring.


8 thoughts on “Innappropriate Nannying

    • They’ll have this vague memory of me and then find the pictures when they are older and turn to their parents and say, “What the fuck were you thinking?!?!” (or whatever the kids of the future will say to their parents in a bratty and snotty way.)

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