Unconventional Christmas

This year was a bit odd for me during Christmas. I haven’t been home for the holidays in years and usually I’m ok with that. This year, I missed family a ton and didn’t know how to face Christmas this year. Luckily I have amazing friends here and they made it amazing and wonderful.

Highlights include:

Getting up at 3:30 Christmas eve morning and driving an hour to London with Michelle in order t be there at the opening bell at 5. My fishmonger skills turned out handy at Billingsgate Market. We came home with lobster, crab, prawns, seabass, squid, and oysters. over 20 pounds of seafood.

Already bustling at 5 on Christmas Eve morning.

Michelle was a teeeeny bit excited.

It was a madhouse.

I had to talk her down from buying the whole lot.

The next thing I learned is that most Brits take the opportunity on Christmas Eve to go to the pub. So, not wanting to feel out of place, of Ben and I went to the pub. You know, the local pub I love? But of course we couldn’t go without wearing some horrible sweaters.

We met some new friends that were also in the spirit.

And then for the actual big day, Ben and I went to one of his friends’ houses in London. It was gorgeous. We all dressed absurdly. Ben won, though.

Not pictured: pointy, curved elf shoes with bells on the toes.

Christmas Climax.

Merry Christmas to all my my family and friends around this beautiful world.


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