Job Opportunity

So as some of you may know, I’m at a loss as to what to do after my nanny gig ends in the beginning of March (I’m obviously open to suggestions, as you will see below). Today, the solution came to me in the form of a proposal. Read on:

“Hi darling.. Are u looking for something diferent? Do u need slave for what u want? I can be your discreet slave on call!!!!! I love to wear ladies undies and much more ladies clothes and I love to do foot worship so can I suck your feet madam please.. Let me be your discreet slave!! Also I will pay u for your time!! So what u think about this madam? Can I be your discreet slave on call??? Xx”

With this photo attached:

Take a looong hard look...

Ahhh, the anonymity of the internet.

Let me makes something clear: To each their own. As long as there are consenting adults involved, I don’t care what your freak is. A little lead up to this proposal would be nice though!


4 thoughts on “Job Opportunity

  1. Dear Madame Hotness –

    I would really like to hire you for my up-coming Industrial conference, “The Girls of Halliburtan.” It’s an Oil Slick theme this year, should be quite a gas!

    One point of clarity – in said photo, is that your front or back? Is that a blowup doll?

    Spanish comprehension a plus.

  2. Hey girl, randomly wandered onto your blog. Anyhow, if you like international travel, I recommend joining the foreign service or USAID. You can apply at

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