Settling in.

This week I have been nanny-ing with the current nanny, amazing Deryn, so she can show me the ropes. Soooooo many ropes. God, kids require so much. Like, you gotta feed them and stuff.

I kinda suck at driving on the wrong side of the road. It is so nerve racking that I still have little miniature explosions of panic attacks every single time a car passes me coming in the other direction. It simply feels wrong.

Full body fear of death

But I am getting better. In fact yesterday, I drove all by myself to go pick up Grace from school!!! I’m such a big girl.

Ok, Things aren't that bad behind the wheel....

Afterwards Grace and I went outside and had fun with my camera. Thank god for my digital, waterproof, shockproof, essentially kid-proof Lumix DMC TS2. I seriously love that camera. I’ve traveled on all over the world with it, taken it commercial fishing, sailing, beach and everywhere else you can possibly imagine. It is indestructible and takes amazingly gorgeous pics, considering it si essentially a point and shoot. I don’t even flinch handing it over to a four year old.

So Gracie and I went outside and played Eye Spy. I basically sat in the grass, spied something and then sat there while she found the item, took a picture of it and came back to show me.

I 'spied', Gracie found and shot this pic as proof

God I’m lazy. I’m working up to training them to rub my feet soon.

We moved on to the trampoline where we giggled as I took pics of Gracie bouncing into the air. We had incredibly too much fun.

Unadulterated Joy



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