Fear of Winter

Oh god, the rain has already started. I have been running from the winter for nearly 10 years since I moved from Oregon down to Los Angeles in 2002. Since then, I have spent every winter in either Sunny California or Gorgeous Mexico. So what does this clever girl do? Yeah, she decides that moving to rainy England for the winter is a good idea. Also, my 32nd Birthday is tomorrow and I realized that I have NEVER had a rainy birthday. Well, there is always a first time for everything.

So I am trying to buck up, not fall into a full blown fear-of-winter panic attack and remember that I look super amazing in boots, gloves and hats.

Mean muggin Russian style.


3 thoughts on “Fear of Winter

    • EEEEE! love that site. but I’m here to freeze my ass off and save money (not necessarily in that order) so no online shopping for me!

  1. In the hot of August, it rained in Portland only one time, for about 5 minutes after dark. I took the moment to strip down to almost nothing & played out in the rain. It was like…of what do you cal that thing that some people do to clean off? Oh, right – a shower!

    This “shower” thing might be a foreign notion to you, but it’s worth it. Get a friend, and suddenly you both look extremely sexy, dancing in the downpour.

    Nature is your friend…

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