Nanny Adventures?

I sit here in a bar in Minneapolis writing this. How did I get here? Where am I going?

Well…The long and short of it is I am on another adventure. This time to go be a nanny in England. Those of you that know me well have probably fallen off their chairs laughing at the thought of me being a nanny to anyone’s children. Well laugh all you want. It’s happening.

See, I held a baby once!

That baby I held once...

I’ll back up a bit. Actually, I’ll back up a lot. Like a decade or so. In 2002, when I was 22 I got this idea in my head that I HAD to go to Turkey for 2 ½ months as my first foray in international travel. I had never been to Canada, I had never been to Mexico, much less Europe or the Middle East. But I said screw it, saved money, packed up my bags, and flew over to the only country that spans two continents, all by my-totally-naive-self.

All kinds of adventures were had, but one of my favorite adventures was meeting Michelle. I don’t think the craziness that we got ourselves into is fit for public, but I lucked out in finding a life long friend. We have kept in touch all of these years.

Since then, she has gotten married while I have had and failed at two wonderful relationships. She has had two gorgeous girls, I have avoided all responsibility other than my dog.

My victims

So one day this summer when I was having a really hard time (recent break up, Beloved Brother diagnosed with MS, Grandpa died), Michelle is IM-ing me and suggests that I come to her and be a Nanny to her girls. After some thought, and some flashes of Mary Poppins-gone-wrong, I accept!

Arrangements are made, mom takes Mattie, Best friend is hugged one million and one times, brother is big-sistered within an inch of his life and a date is set. I fly from Portland to London August 31st.

So why am I sitting in Minneapolis on August 6th? My wonderful friend, Heidy (you’ll remember her from when we bought a van and thought we could drive it to Mexico?) is a flight attendant and hooked me up with a buddy pass! Great idea in theory. In reality, what I didn’t take into account was that is was the end of summer, a holiday weekend and Hurricane Irene messed some airport-y stuff up.

I made it as far as Los Angeles on August 1st. My wonderful Friend/Ex-boyfriend, David Ray, picked me up and all flights were too full to get to England that night. Or the next. Or the next. Or the next. Or the next. Or the next. I am serious. So I stayed in limbo in LA for 5 days. But get this: both David and Heidy didn’t have to work, so we hung out the WHOLE time! I stayed on Heidy’s boat cuddled up with her Super Hero Kitty.

On Heidy's boat

Kabab-a-war with David

Catchin up with old friends Bitches

Incredi-Cat Tilly: He swims, poos in the toilet, walks on a leash!

There were numerous BBQ’s (one even on my old street in Beachwood Canyon!!), some AMAZING beach yoga and some serious catching up.

Seriously relaxing and gorgeous yoga

All in all, it was an amazing lesson in patience and zen. I simply couldn’t do anything about not getting to England when I wanted to. So instead I enjoyed my bonus time with friends in L.A.

Heidy and I finally found a flight that I could take from L.A. to Minneapolis, have a 9 hour lay-over and then fly to London. So on Tuesday, Sept. 6, I got on a plane to Minneapolis at 5 in the morning, crossing my fingers, toes and legs that I would be able to get on the plan to London. I killed time going to the Mall of America (kinda boring), and reading a whole book.

And I made it on the plane. Thank god.

Here is a teaser next post:

View from my bedroom window


6 thoughts on “Nanny Adventures?

  1. Oh Lauren you are so entertaining! Do you love England so far? We went as far south as New Forest and it was gorgeous!! Paris has been amazing!

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