slick pickle

Ok, I am not even going to attempt to sum up my life in the last 8 months. Basically fishing REALLY offshore and catching lots of albacore. At the last moment, my best friend Leslie and I were going to fly down to Mexico for the season, we got a great opportuinity to deliver a sailboat  from San Francisco to Costa Rica!! Leslie hadn’t really ever done much sailing, but as her usual bad ass self, she was totally down for the adventure. I’m not going to go into details other than posting some random pics.

The trip down was so unbelievably easy, I feel like it was almost a dream. Ther was way too many good times and laughs and whales and glow in the dark dolphins and turtles…The list goes on. Oh yeah, and some fun ocean swimming (bathing).

Tomorrow Leslie and I leave Golfito, Costa Rica to travel down to Panama City and then explore around there a bi. We plan on just wandering for a bit before we fly back to the states to pick up my pup and head to Sayulita. I would write more, but I’m tired from catching my first Sailfish today!!!!


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