covered in guts

Fish guts, that is.

I have yet to get on the boat I’m going to be fishing on for the rest of the summer. Partly due to the captain having other jobs he has to finish before we set off, partly to do with the fact that my neck and right arm were so messed up from the beer bottle incident that I couldn’t barely move for a while. (I’m nearly better now, after multiple trips to both the acupuncturist and chiropractor and am driving to the boat in a few days).

But I did get the chance to go on a short trip with one of my closest friends, Heather. Heather and I met about 6 years ago when I first started fishing. She and her crew Wendy were the only other women under 50 in the fleet and we became infamous along the West Coast as the Fisher Girls.

Heather has captained and run her own 42′ salmon troller for the past few years out of Sitka, Alaska. She almost exclusively employs an all girl crew. You can imagine they might get a bit of attention in Alaska. But believe me, she is as bad-ass as she is hot.

Well, lucky for me, Heather is fishing in the Lower 48 this summer and she invited me on a quick two day opener for salmon up in Washington. I haven’t been salmon fishing in 5 years, but it was just like riding a bike. A bloody, cold, kinda stinky bike.

It was kinda crazy how muscle memory made my muscles do what my brain had forgotten.

It was Mattie’s first boat trip, too. She (as usual) adapted within hours and was quite at home on the boat.

It was kinda slow going with the fishing the second day.

Heather and I had a little fun with taking some videos to commemorate our first time finally fishing together.

Well, there was no blood, so all was well.

Heather is waaaaay better at slaying fish than I.

So now I am in Brookings, OR getting the fishing boat ready to catch tuna. I’ll update you on how that is going soon.


2 thoughts on “covered in guts

    • Dear Ms. Bitch, thank you for that insightful comment. All of these years and no one had the courage to tell me that I am ‘a piece of shit’. That explains *so much*! It explains why everyone holds their noses when I walk by. It explains the hoards of flies that follow me everywhere! Lastly, it explains why everyone in school kept saying “Lauren Happens!” while laughing uproariously. I will be eternally grateful for your honesty and care. I am also relieved to know that I am only a ‘piece’ of shit and not a ‘pile’ of it, like you are! Stay classy my friend! Sincerely, Piece Of Shit!

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