lauren go boom

Soooo….I’ve been wiling away the past two months waiting to get on this awesome fishing boat for the albacore tuna season. I’ve spent almost the entire time in my home state of Oregon seeing friends and family. It’s been great, but I’ve been getting kinda tired sitting on my ass and waiting.

Will called me one Thursday night and asked if I wanted to fly down to the Bay Area to race in my favorite race of the year, the Delta Ditch Run. The Ditch Run is a 67 mile race from Richmond, California to Stockton, California up the San Joaquin River. It is almost always downwind, loads of fun and wonderfully hot. It literally had hailed the day before in Portland, and after I realized that I had more than enough airline miles to fly for free down there, I was in SF in less than 24 hours.

Well, although it wasn’t exactly a downwind race as promised, it was delightfully warm and oodles of fun. The only person that knew I was going to be at the race was Will so most of my sailing friends were totally surprised to see me. I got to do bow with my most favorite bow-buddy in the world, Dave Keane. He is an amazing photographer and somehow always manages to take bad-ass pics while being a bad-ass sailor at the same time. He took this one while suspended from a halyard, changing a sheet on the spinnaker, for instance (that’s me being lazy on the bow).

I think I was a little confused and thought I was playing roller derby instead of sailing, if you take my outfit into account.

See?!?! I told he is a kick ass photographer.

Well, by the time we got to the dock in Stockton, we were hot and tired and needed a swim like nobody’s business. So Dave, Will, my new friend Molly and I all jumped in the murky but refreshing Delta water. Ahhhhhh, feels good! The only thing that would feel better would be a beer!

The owner of the boat’s son was on board and i asked him to pass me a beer and that he did. From about 15 feet high, he tossed a Blue Moon right smack to my forehead. Everyone around said they could hear the sound of the corner of the bottle hit my forehead. I immediately put my hand on my fore head and could feel the dent the and freely flowing blood.  I knew it was nasty, but I wasn’t going to pass out or anything. I calmly swam over to the boat docked next to us (conveniently filled with good friends) and was helped aboard to get the situation and bleeding under control. Dave got some sweet shots of the carnage.

I think I was the only one that found the whole thing hilarious.

Well, we got it all bandaged up and I was trying to convince everyone that I was fine and didn’t need to go the hospital. Will knew that I am pretty stubborn and set off to find a professiona to talk some sense into me. A lovely nurse uncovered the wound and calmly told me that unless I was OK wearing bangs for the rest of my life I needed to get myself to urgent care and stitched up.

So off we went. Three stitches and $500 later, I was ready to go back to the party.

I was a little out of it and I think I came away with a bit of a concussion, but I was doing well, considering.

When I ran into the kid that was the beer tosser (not anything like midget tossing), I barely got a word out of him. I was hoping for at least a drink bought for me, and maybe even the offer of help with the medical bill. I mentioned to him that I don’t have insurance or a job at the moment. All I got was a shrug of the shoulders as he walked away. I guess being a rich kid, he wouldn’t know what it is like for $500 to be a really big deal when you are out of work. Little Shit.

Anyway, it was still worth it. I had a blast, I got to spend time with good friends, warm up a little and sail in my favorite race. Plus, my noggin has the stitches out and is healing really well.

This shit only happens to me…


4 thoughts on “lauren go boom

  1. I am glad to here that you are doing good. Only you is right, Lauren you are truly like no one else in the world. And that’s why we all love you. Tambourine to you being a BAD ASS that can handle all that crazy shiz in your life!

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