oh, where to begin?

First off, sorry for such a long hiatus. I could make all kinds of excuses like my dog ate my homework or I was attacked by rabid bats, but the truth is that I am lazy. I am also back from Mexico for the summer, but I’ll get back to that.
When I left you, I had bought a van with my friend, Heidy, and was fixing it up to road trip down to Mexico for some fun and adventures. Yeah, well, that did work out quite like we thought it would. The best laid plans…
The van wasn’t ready in March when we tried to drive it south. So I returned to Sayulita by plane and lived there till I left in Mid-May. Those last few months were wonderful. I somehow fell in love with Sayulita and my friends there even more.

Oh yeah, and I got a dog. Or more accurately, she got me. She was all kinds of sickly and sad looking when she showed up in my life.

Sayulita Animals helped rescue her and her siblings. Happy endings for everyone. Mattie is my little shadow and follows me everywhere when I’m not following her everywhere.

Her sister Gigi is being hopelessly loved by my gorgeous friend, Sierra, in Sayulita. And we got their brother adopted to a guy that took him back to Canada with him. But most importantly, I’m in love with Mattie. But don’t tell anyone.

So I left Mexico and came back to the States and Heidy and I had a great time driving our van north to Big Sur.

I continued north to Santa Cruz where, with the help of superstar Brittany, I emptied out my storage space. Dayna and Matthias went way beyond friend status and skyrocketed to superhero status when they let me take over their house to stage my garage sale out of. I sold almost EVERYTHING I owned. It was intense, but freeing.
Mattie and I jumped in the van with what was left of my life and kept heading north. The VW’s engine gave out somewhere north of Mendocino. I limped it as far as Port Orford where my dad had to come rescue me from the side of the highway late at night.  So for now, it lives a nice retired life in the country at my ‘rents’ house.
My brother and his gf drove five hours down from Portland to bring back north to P-Town. And then they let me and Mattie crash at their house for three weeks. Portland was great as always. I spent lots of time with my mom and just kind of chilled there, getting mentally prepared to head down to the Southern Oregon coast to jump on a 85” commercial fishing boat for the rest of the summer to slay fish.
So that is where I’ll leave you now. I will tell you a bit more about that next time.

Here is a little taste of a quick story for the next post:


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