dirty hippie

I’m going to start by telling you that growing up, our family had about four incarnations of VW vans. A few of the pop-top camper kinds and I think a few newer of the Vanagon style. The one constant was that I was absolutely mortified to be seen in each and every one of them. They nonetheless provided all kinds of shelter and transportation growing up. We even took out the seats of one, laid down some hay, opened the windows and moved a pony from one town to another.

So let me just tell you that when I told my mom that my girlfriend, Heidy, and I bought a ’77 VW van to road trip to Mexico with, she did not hesitate to point out the irony of it all.

This all came about after Heidy texted me one day a few weeks back while I was working in Sayulita that she would be there to see me in Mexico in three hours. As my Bestie, Leslie, was also going to be there to visit the next day, I knew we would be having a good ‘ole girlie time.

And that we did. In fact, one night we had an especially amazing time. Three hours of dance party at my place first. Mexican moonshine, throwing rocks at beer bottles at the Carnival and a few bars down made for a bit of a hangover the next day. As we floated in the ocean to distract ourselves from the pain, Heidy and I hatched a scheme to road trip through Mexico.

She went back home to Santa Barbara and found a perfect van. I bought a ticket to go back to the States for the first time in four months and that was that.

It’s been an adventure to get our mighty steed ready, but $100 at the dollar store, learning how to adjust valves on the engine, lots of giggling and a fair amount of stress later and she’s almost ready to go. We head south on Saturday. For those of you that are worried for us, I sharpened our two hatchets to a razors edge, our can of mace is always at hand, and we don’t even have anything more than an AM radio for someone to steal.

Wish us luck!


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