I’m still alive. I swear.

It’s been a while since my last post. Mostly because I’ve been living in one place for so long now, that I don’t have very many exciting stories. I mostly work and lay on the beach.

Actually, I take that back, I have been having a TON of visitors. New friends and old have come to this little paradise. Will came down to visit from the cold Bay Area.

He and met all of my Baja Ha-Ha friends that have also made it this way since we parted. There is Jesse of  Can’t go to Cabo without a run in with the federales fame. T.R. Who is my BFF here in Mexico, and Andrew, our local poet and dancer in residence.

All of us actually took a boat trip to Yelapa a few weeks back. Remember how a bunch of us from the Baja had all grouped together to form The Kid’s Table? Well, we kept wishing that we could have a boat where all of us “kids” could sail. And sho nuff, it happened!

Yelapa is this this tiny little cove that you can only get to by boat. It is all cobblestones, no cars, only burros hauling construction material up and down the steep streets.

So six of us jump on Andrew’s boat and sail our asses down there. I swear I tried to get other chicks to come with, but once again, I was the only lady on a boat full of dudes.

Nice work if you can get it, right? We had an absolute blast!! There was a fair amount of drinking,

a ton of laughing, lots of swimming, Will taught the boys how to swing off of halyards,

and I even did some spreader jumping!!

All in all, an amazing time.

That’s all for now. I promise to keep in touch more.


2 thoughts on “I’m still alive. I swear.

  1. Aha! Proof I’m not a total wuss when it comes to boats!,I have indeed been to Yelapa, and had to get there on a boat! ha!

    Glad you are having fun being a beach bum.

    ask mason about a dream he had about you!

  2. I think you and Will were in Yelapa at the same time our friends Jimi and Suzie were! Do you remember hearing anything about a week long yoga retreat? How about seeing a guy who looks like and emaciated ZZ Topper?
    Ya gotta fill me in on your intended adventures so I can hook you up with my vast network of world travelers. 🙂

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