livin’ in Sayulita

For those of you that don’t already know, or haven’t figured it out already, I’m living in Sayulita for the next couple months. How did this happen to your constantly moving traveling friend, you might ask? Well, I’m not entirely sure to tell you the truth. But I love it.

I came here after my boat left me in Puerto Vallarta. I loved the town when I came here last year on Leslie’s Birthday and wanted to check it out again. So I came for a visit and to wait for a boat for a boat to come through that was heading south that I could get a ride on.

Through my usual odd connections and extroverted personality, I was able to race on another J160 down here. Talking to all the sailors down here, I found out that all the boats don’t head south from here until March. Since I was invited to race on the J160 for the season I decided, screw it, I’ll stay in the area till then.

So, in I moved with an amazing Kiwi that I met when we were both at the hostel. The two of us weren’t sure if we should be rommies, but the question was answered for us when we realized that we wear not only the same size clothes, but shoes too! Maria and I share the tiniest studio apartment in the ghetto of Sayulita. And I love it. We share the bed, our clothes, hours of laughing, yoga on the beach.

Of all of the various vagabonds that we have met we are the only ones that are living here for more than a couple of weeks. Most of our friends are camping on the beach and so we have opened our tiny house to them to use our shower and to keep their things here. The two of us have a tendency to create little mini-families wherever we go.

Of our little group, there is Maria. Full of life and love and giggles and dancing. Best roomate. EVER.

The two Aussies, Jimmy and Bosh, are inseparable. I’m pretty sure I’ve only seen these kids wearing shoes and shirts once. And never seen them without a drink in their hands. They are always full of love and hugs to give out.

I met Jesse on the Baja Ha-Ha. He was on his sister and brother-in-law‘s boat with their two kids. He’s from Hawaii and makes Maria and I laugh so hard, sometimes we can barely handle it.

I miss my own brother, Mason, pretty bad, so I’ve kind of made Jesse my substitute-brother. He is also pushing me to learn Spanish (mostly because he is learning really fast and I don’t want him to know more than me!).

Margaret-Anne is this Canadian/Hipster/Hippie chick that Maria and I have adopted as a sister. The two of us can talk about music endlessly. With her here, us three girls can have the most hilarious ,giggling girls’ fest ever. We ditched the boys at the beach the other night and made dinner, bought as much chocolate as we could carry, spied on our friend on his date, watched a cheesy movie and laughed so hard, we could barely breath. It was just what we all needed.

I’m looking for work while I’m here. For now my days are filled with friends, hikes, yoga, tropical fruit, laughing, and the ocean.

Come and visit!! (We’re renting out our floor for 10 pesos/tile)


7 thoughts on “livin’ in Sayulita

  1. i want your life. so envious that you can just go wherever and do whatever you please. how did i miss THAT boat?…i want a do-over.

  2. So, are parents and Seesters welcome? We had a visti from a friend yesterday who went on and on about how we should take a bus to Cabo. Isn’t there a ferry across to PV from Cabo? What ya doing for Christmas?

    • YES!!! PADRES and HERMANAS!!!
      there is a ferry from cabo to matzatlan then a bus down here. it is a long journey though. For christmas, i’m just chillin.

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