cabo in a cave

Not much to report

I left Cabo about a week ago now.  My last night in Cabo was once more with the now skeleton crew of the kid’s posse. There was only 6 of us left as boats had been leaving for days now. We decided that we should check out Lover’s Beach at Land’s End. We had been there for at least a week and hadn’t even been to Cabo’s most famous landmark.


In typical fashion, we decided to make our trek at night with two dinghy’s and a bottle of tequila. Since one of the dinghies was a lot slower than the other, we made the trip from the marina to the beach side by side. A few of us holding on to the opposite dinghy and the faster one pulling the slower for the most part. It was just a big raft up moving through the water in the dark. Good times.

When we beached our dinghies on the deserted beach, it was about nine. We were the only ones there (I’m also pretty sure it is a national park, and we were there illegally, after hours). Everyone pretty much scattered to the wind, running up and down the beach, exploring, laughing, enjoying the freedom.

Land’s End is this thin strip of land that jets out and on one side is the Pacific Ocean and on the other side is the bay that cradles Cabo San Lucas. We landed on the side of the beach that was on the bay. I wandered across the beach to the Pacific side. The high rocks blocked out a considerable amount of ambient light from Cabo and the moon had not risen yet. It was a perfect night. I laid down in the sand that was still warm from the day’s sun and looked up to the stars.  I heard the crashing of my favorite ocean, the odd chirping of dozens of bats flying over head and felt the cool ocean breeze. I laid there for about twenty minutes, thinking of nothing.

When I got my fill, I wandered back to the beach on the bay side to see what everyone else was up to. I found that the three guys had climbed up the craggy rocks. I didn’t hesitate to scramble up. I have been really missing rock climbing. When I got to where the boys were I realized that I might have been interrupting dude-time.

I have a tendency to forget I’m not one of the boys sometimes. But before I had a chance to change my mind, here came the other two girls! With all of us up there, I said I’ll be right back, and scrambled back down again. I grabbed a bottle of tequila and shoved in down the back of my pants, another water bottle full of some sort of booze and shoved it down the front of my shirt. A girl’s gotta have both hands to climb, you know! And up I went sloshing the whole way.

We had a few celebratory shots and climbed down before we would be too tipsy to. (yep, bottles back in the clothing for the climb down)

One of the guys and I walked back over to the pacific side to explore a little more in the dark. He told me that while I was off on my own they rest of the group had climbed into a cave that they had found.

Of course, I couldn’t be left out, so to the cave we went! It was more of a crack in the rocks. The first five feet smelled prety strongly of piss, but once you got past that, it mellowed out. With no flashlight and no moonlight, we climbed in blindly, one hand over our heads so we wouldn’t hit anything and one hand ahead to feel when we had hit the end. Every image of creepy-crawliees filled my brain, but I was trying to play it cool. The cave ended about 40 feet in and we sat down in the sand facing out. The cave mouth was silhouetted in starlight. Inside the cave was warm with no ocean breeze to cool things off. It was wonderful.

We stayed in there for probably an hour finishing off our bottle of tequila and talking and bullshitting about books and life and travels. It was a pretty amazing moment in time.

This is about all i have to report right now. I’m sitting idle in Puerta Vallarta for a while, until I can come up with the next stage of my travels. Stay tuned.


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