look out cabo, I have arrived

So here I am in Cabo San Lucas, on the Baja Peninsula. This is our third and final stop on the Baja Ha-Ha. I know I already said it once, but the boat I’m on is absolutely fantastic. Not only were we one of only about 8 boats that sailed the whole way out of almost 200, but we had hot showers, good company and yummy meals the whole way.

dinner on pipe dream I’m not sure how we did overall, but I’m proud to say that there was no motoring. And believe me it was very tempting. My watch crew had a few watches that were dead glassy the whole time. I think our top speed for those watches was 2 knots. It was nearly tear-inducing. But then we had a watch last night that was amazing. A bright moon, 20 knots of wind, not less than 10 knots of speed and t-shirts and shorts the whole time.
Our stop before this was at Bahia Santa Maria. It was pretty much a desolate bay with a long stretch of beach that only appeared at low tide. There were only five squat houses on the hill and a few fishing huts up the river that had been recently devastated by hurricane Jimena. It turned out be our favorite stop. Our captain took us all up the river in the dinghy to the lagoon about two miles at the top. We beached the boat and walked up into sand dunes in the hills above the bay. The hurricane had dumped rain on the hills and what would usually be brown and pretty barren was covered in blooming cacti like I had never seen before.
There was a party on the beach that the locals had thrown for us. There was even a live band that had driven 40 miles over a pot holed, dirt road to came play for tips.
Our last night in the bay, the moon rose full and bloody orange over the bay. Mary, Captain Scott’s girlfriend and I went up on deck and without hesitation, started howling endlessly at the moon. Soon enough, the rest of the crew joined in with grins on their faces. When we stopped, we heard the other two hundred boats answering our call and howls washed over the bay like a wave.

P.S. My camera went in the drink and pictures are having a hard time uploading here, so I promise more pics later 🙂


5 thoughts on “look out cabo, I have arrived

    • LOL! All of my crazy sailing terms. We sail 24 hours in a day, so we go on shifts called watches to sail the boat. this time, each watch was 3 people for 3 hours, around the clock.

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