safely in turtle bay

Less than 48 hours later, our boat was first in class, first to finish on our first leg!!
It was windy, a steady 20-25 knots with gusts to 30 pretty much the whole way. Our first night, we had a few hours of no wind, and just floating, but that is pretty much it. There were big, confused seas for most of the time, but we surfed well. The second evening we blew up our one good spinnaker. The head tore clean off and the whole thing went in the water. We have a great crew, though, and the sail didn´t go under the boat, we got it aboard relatively quick. The rest of the way, we sailed with the jib wing-on-wing or just the mainsail. We still were going along at a steady 10 knots the whole way.
I got some time behind the wheel and did okay. I definitely was the weakest driver, but the only thing that will solve that is more time behind the wheel!!!
The crew is great, everyone gets along well, we eat well, and I´m sleeping like a log every chance I get.
Last night was our first night at anchor and it’s still gusting like hell in the bay
Other boats didnt´fair as well as we did. One boat even sank, with everyone safe. Evidently a particularly aggressive whale rammed them for about 7 minutes straight  and they deployed the liferaft, set off the epirb and 2 hours later were lifted off by a Coast Guard helicopter. Everyone is safely in San Diego. One other boat was hit by a rogue wave and a guy there got a couple broken ribs and a bump on the head. He´s doing well too. All in all this was the windiest Ha-Ha- to date, and I couldn´t ask for a better boat to be on. I really lucked out.
Sorry this is such a brief update promise lots of pictures and great stories when I get to Cabo.


11 thoughts on “safely in turtle bay

  1. Yaaay! You made it! I knew it was going to be windy for you guys, cuz the Santa Anas blew palm fronds all over the west coast as soon as you set sail. Good job and good blog! can’t wait to read more.


  2. Kick ass on being #1!
    Rammed by a whale for 7 minutes!! That is the gnarliest thing I have ever heard! While it sucks for those people, I am glad it was not your boat and that you adventures continue.

  3. HOLY CRAP! sick shit happens on boats. We had the gnarley winds here, I couldnt imagine it on a boat! As a matter of fact I told a few people I was glad I wasnt on a boat with the winds like that. HA. You made it! Congrats! Its easier the rest of the way and you are heading toward warmness. You MUST have a 2for1 margie for me in Cabo.

    BTW-We blew all 3 of our spinnakers on our Baja run. AND ran em over. They were blue from there on out….Not quick like you guys…kinda like wiping yer boats ass…

  4. Congrats to the Cap and Crew. I know the race is for fun but winning is fun too! Speaking of winning…You do seem to have the Goche luck(Blind)when it comes to boat stuff. Hooking up with that crew proves it. A’course you always make the most of it too. I’m glad it is holding up for you. Tell your Captain Thank You from me for taking care of my baby.

  5. Lauren,

    What an adventure. I’d share with Jean Marie but she’d want to go every other minute…and I can’t have that now, can I?!

    Good luck with the rest of race.

    Fairer winds, though.



  6. That is so BAD ASS that you got first. I wouldn’t expect anything else from you. Good job lady! That is gnarly that the whale attacked. But it makes for a great story. Good luck with the rest of your journey!

  7. Miss you soo much!!! Nathaniel had his 1st birthday on Oct. 24th! Wish you could see him! Tanner is getting so big! Hope you are having a great time and it sounds like you are! Hope to talk to you soon! Heather

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