missing my voice?

Most of the people reading this blog know me pretty well. They know that I happen to be bestest of friends with my ex-boyfriend, David Ray. He’s a pretty bad-ass guy. He writes, plays music, and is an all around creative dude.

When we lived in Portland together, we were surrounded by some of the most amazingly creative people. It was heaven to just be around all of those inspiring people. It always made me feel a little more alive.

So I have to say I got pretty nostalgic when David flew up for my birthday weekend. It was like a little trip back in time to hang out with everyone again. But like a bizarro world where everyone was a little older, a little more married and kinda kid-having.

Our friend Rob Campbell has a podcast, Hey Everybody! Rob Campbell Here. He interviews people in each episode, pretty much talking about anything and everything cool. Well anyway, he invited David and I to guest on one of his podcasts! we had an audience and everything! As usual, my voice is trashed so it’s a little raspy.


So, without further ado, here we are!

Hey Everybody! Rob Campbell Here. Episode 14.


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