just a saturday night in portland

Now, if you’ve spent much time around me at all, you’ll know that I have the sleep schedule of a toddler. In bed by nine, awake by 7 or 8. I’m one of those weird “morning people” that actually like being awake in the morning. But more importantly, I simple cannot stay up late.

Being designated driver last Saturday night, I was surprised to find myself dead sober and not tired at all when Kris, Jordi and I closed the bar down and left at 3:00. I was driving these lovely ladies home when I had to swerve my car around something that was in the street. Then it registered, there are high heels littering the street!!!

Without much of a thought, I told the girls I was turning around. We sent Kris out for re-con.

IMG_2835She done good.

IMG_2836But then we noticed the lawn across the street strewn with women’s clothes. The feeding frenzy started.

IMG_2843IMG_2852IMG_2855Well, I guess three giggling and squealing girls and the constant flash of a camera are not so stealth. Because all of the sudden, the porch light came on and the door opened. Now after years of sneaking around at night for various reasons, I knew to get the hell out of there. My ass was already in the car and ready to ditch Jordi and Kris when this guy walks out saying, “take whatever you want. My brother’s wife cheated on him and he kicked her out.”

IMG_2844Needless to say, the frenzy continued.


IMG_2856IMG_2860The night ended with a run for Mexican food and a trip to Kris’s apartment to scarf down a chili relleno burrito and pour over our road-kill scores.


10 thoughts on “just a saturday night in portland

  1. That sounds so fun! I wish that I could have been a part of all that. I love that the guy came out. GREAT TIMES. P.s. I miss chu mang!

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