ode to portland

My first week has passed in Portland. Other than being sick as I write this, I’m having a fabulous time. I have literally spent hours driving and wandering around city reminiscing and discovering.

Okay, so maybe the fact that I’m staying at Toni’s this whole week has skewed my opinion a bit, as this is my nightly view.


But, really, this is an amazing city.  So I must compose a love note.

Here are a few reasons this city is interesting, hilarious, and all around entertaining.

  • Some serious talent calls this city home.
  • There was a line outside Powell’s at 9 on a Sunday morning, waiting for it to open.
  • Portland is the “greenest city” in the country.
  • No sales tax!!!!!!
  • The food here is endlessly amazing.

I guess I could go on and on, but I’ll leave some for another day. Good night, kids.


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