my wonderful birthday

I don’t know if I was still on East Coast time, or I was just so damned excited, but I woke with the sun on my birthday. Not only did I wake up with the sun, but I woke up with the sun in one of the most amazing houses and an amazing view.


Gabe and I went to breakfast with David (who flew up from L.A. to party with me on my birthday) at Gravy. Gravy has the BEST bloody marys I’ve ever had and, yes, amazing gravy. Gabe, David, bloody marys and Gravy? IMG_8726Yup. Perfect start of the day.

It just got better and better. I had a visit with my mammaIMG_8734 and then got ready with Leslie and Gabe. Let me tell you, the champagne was flowing early on.

Once the Mustaches were on, the fun began! IMG_8941Seriously, every single person sported a Mustache. Well, if they didn’t, I took care of it in short order. IMG_8974I was surrounded all night with laughing, loving friends and family. I could not have asked for a better 30th Birthday. Thank you all so much.

Oh yeah, and here’s me eating my birthday donuts. I decided that I needed a bite of each one.



3 thoughts on “my wonderful birthday

  1. I am so happy that you had an amazing birthday. And let me tell you it sounded AMAZING. I am not gonna lie, I had to pick up tickets at work the other day and walked by your desk, like I always do….but NO Lauren.. It was rather sad. Anys hope that you are having a fantastic. Sure you are. Chat with you soon. P.S. you would be oh so very proud of me… I think I grew some balls!

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