I’m 30!!!!!

And just for the occasion, here’s a picture and my pretty mama, Blue Bear, and me when I was a tyke.


No go out and celebrate, the world over!!!!! (send gifts)


3 thoughts on “MY BIRTHDAY!!!!!

  1. ♫ Happy happy Birthday! This is your special day! ♫ Happy happy Birthday and I am here to say, HEY! ♫ Happy happy Birthday, may allllll your dreams come truuuuuuuue! ♫ Happy happy Birthday from me and the kids TO YOU! ♫ I hope you have the most FABULOUS day EVER!

    Like SpongeBob sings … ♫ “It’s the best day EVERRRRR!” ♫

    Go get’em tiger … 😉 grrrrrrrrr

  2. Happy belated birthday! Really miss ya girl! Sounds like you are having a lot of fun! I’ll be thinking of you and wishing you crazy fun times while your gone!

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