t-minus one week

AHHHHHH!!!!! Today marks one week until my last day of work. I’m writing this during lunch as I’m shoving food into my face, checking email, and trying to get everything done. It’s a little frustrating that all kinds of projects that I have worked on for years decided to come to fruition right as I leave. Oh well, them’s the breaks.

I know all of you have been waiting with baited breath for my next posting, so sorry to disappoint you. Maybe you want to hear a little about my plans thus far? Well, I don’t have much but here’s what I got:

Next weekend I fly to West Virginia to attend a good friend’s wedding. I’ve never been to West Virginia, but I hear it’s kinda backcountry. My friend that is getting married had a woman sew her napkins for the wedding (labor is evidently cheap there). When she went to pick them up she found some extra napkins in with hers; an apparent present. The patterns for these extra napkins are as follows: green camo, the lord’s prayer, american flag, etc. Evidently nothing says WV wedding like green camo!!

After I get back from the sweet Hillbilly wedding (which is, in fact, going to be beautiful and not hillbilly at all), I jump in my car and drive up to Portland to celebrate my 30th birthday with a mustache on! So, if you are in Portland, party down with me!!!

From there I’m spending a month or two in Oregon to see my beloved friends and family. My only plans are going to be seeing people I love, go swimming, and explore the state I love.

You’ll have to wait for the rest of my plans…..

And just for the heck of it, here’s a pic of me when I used to commercial fish.



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