my first blog ever

Hello World! Well, now that I am famous and every person that is alive now can read this and know the real Lauren, here I am in all my glory! Too much? Well, suck it, that’s what your getting.

How’s about my awesome banner up there? Would you say it is uncontrollably awesome? My beautiful friend Tauna Coulson is a grapic artist and whipped it up for me.  Check her out.

Okay, let’s get down to brass tacks, as they say. I’m having a quarter life crisis and have decided to take 6 months off of work to go travel and see the world. In this economy. Yikes. Off into the sunset

What plans do I have? None! My only plan is to hop on a boat heading south and see where the wind takes me. So here we go! In less than three weeks, off I go into the sunset!!


10 thoughts on “my first blog ever

  1. dude, I’m so excited. You know I’m going to tweet about you! lol I’ll get people all over the world checking you out … ROCK ON MAMA, I miss you already!

  2. how big is your suit case? I want to go do that again. You are in for the time of your life and if you dont take advantage of every sunset and smile along the way you will never know the real meaning of living it up!
    More than just awesome! Overdue! Necessary and well deserved.

  3. It’s all very nice isn’t it. Taking off a crazy whim and trusting the winds of fate? Perhaps this is what you need. Yes. A winds of change. I get it now. It’s, it’s all so clear now. I can see the horizon.’s can wave back.

    Have a blast….LG

    God speed Ahab..God speed

  4. There are myths and there are legends and there is you my dear Simply put Amazingly Awesome. They say somethings get better with time and you are living proof of that. May the wind be at your back and the sun light your day with warmth on the blue seas you travel.

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